RIVERFRONT at las colonias PARK provides a truly unique opportunity for outdoor recreation visionaries seeking an outdoor-centric setting for their business. This development will play host to an industry-focused community where collaboration will help you and your fellow outdoor businesses achieve a higher level of performance.


By integrating access to outdoor fun, a collaborative community, and high end fit and finish, the 15-acre development seeks to honor and support a healthy community balanced between work, play and commerce.

Riverfront at Las Colonias Park in Grand Junction, CO Map

The Design


Currently underway, RIVERFRONT at las colonias PARK will incorporate this industry’s passion for the outdoors into the infrastructure itself. All buildings —both provided and those built-to-suit— will incorporate sustainable design practices from LEED, Green Globes, and like-minded industry leaders.


The total office park will embrace the natural environment around it both visually and with an eye toward protecting our natural resources. Outdoor meeting zones will be scattered amongst the buildings, providing opportunities for executives to get outside and recharge or to share inspired time with their contemporaries. Recreational amenities will include an open space park, aerial adventure, bike trails, retail outlets and a river recreation zone. Shared conference rooms, large format training spaces and expandable warehouse sections will provide our partner businesses state-of-the-art resources at reduced costs to each individual company.