The riverfront at Las Colonias park offers outdoor recreation companies an Opportunity Zone geared toward wellness, community, and unparalleled outdoor access.

Located in Grand Junction, Colorado’s largest city west of the Rocky Mountains, the Riverfront at Las Colonias Park provides unique access to Colorado and Utah’s greatest natural resources for both recreation and product development.

The 140-acre mixed-use park along the Colorado River includes a 15-acre business park, 5,000-seat amphitheater, a river park with two standing waves, a boat ramp, trails, ponds and more. A zipline across the river and plaza with ample retail and restaurant space is under development.

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Build-to-suit or co-locate in buildings with collaborative spaces, instruction and learning spaces, R&D facilities, and more.

Designed with the Environment, Business & Recreation in Mind

RIVERFRONT at las colonias PARK provides a well-stitched harmony of ‘work’ and ‘play.’”

– Thaddeus Shrader, CEO of Bonsai Design